Uninstalling Appeon Server

Step 1: Shut down all Windows programs.

Step 2: Stop IIS server.

To stop the server in the IIS Manager, right click the top node (not the website node) in the left tree and select Stop from the popup menu. This will stop the entire IIS server, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 87. Stop the server in IIS Manager

Stop the server in IIS Manager

Step 3: Select Windows Start menu | Programs | Appeon for PowerBuilder 2013 R2 | Appeon Server for .NET | Uninstall Appeon Server to begin the uninstall process.

Before uninstall process starts, if the setup program detects that the IIS server is running, a warning message will pop up reminding you to terminate it, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 88. Stop IIS server

Stop IIS server

Step 4: Choose Remove to delete all installed features. Click Next.

Figure 89. Repair or remove Appeon Server

Repair or remove Appeon Server

Step 5: Click OK to confirm the removal of Appeon Server.

Figure 90. Confirm uninstall

Confirm uninstall

Step 6: Wait until the uninstallation is complete.

Figure 91. Perform Appeon Server uninstall

Perform Appeon Server uninstall

Step 7: Click Finish to exit.

Figure 92. Appeon Server uninstall complete

Appeon Server uninstall complete