Running Appeon Silent Installer (for End Users)

This section provides some additional instructions for end users on using the Appeon Silent Installer to install/uninstall EAServer, Appeon Server, Appeon Server EBF and/or Appeon applications

Installing Appeon Server, EAServer and/or Appeon applications

Before running the Appeon Silent Installer, be aware that

  1. The Setup.exe program can only be run on the Windows platform.

  2. The Appeon Server and the Web server must reside on the same machine.

Start the silent installation by running the Setup.exe file on the installation CD.

By default, the configuration file in the same location of the Setup.exe file will be used during the installation process. To use a configuration file residing in a different location, run the Setup.exe file from the command line and append the configuration file location, for example, Setup.exe d:/setuptmp/SilentInstall.txt.

Uninstalling Appeon Server, EAServer and/or Appeon applications

To silently uninstall EAServer, Appeon Server, Appeon Server EBF, and/or Appeon applications:

Run Uninstall.exe on the installation CD. The uninstall program will automatically load the SilentInstall.txt file on the same CD and remove what has been installed with Appeon Silent Installer.

To uninstall Appeon applications from Windows Start menu:

Select Windows Start > Programs > Appeon Application > Undeploy Appeon Web Application. Or run the uninstall program under the location specified by the "UninstallWebAppPath" parameter.

You will go through the same process as those in the section called “Uninstalling an application” in the "Packaging and Installing Appeon Applications" chapter.


1. What happens if EAServer is started during the process of silent installation?

Appeon Silent Installer will shut down the EAServer and continue the installation.

2. What happens if EAServer or Appeon Server was already installed during the process of silent installation?

Appeon Silent Installer will overwrite the existing EAServer or Appeon Server.

3. What happens if the names of NVO packages for a Web application are duplicated?

Appeon Silent Installer will still deploy the first NVO package, but will not deploy the second NVO package. This activity will be recorded in the log file.