Appeon Silent Installer (Windows EAServer only)

Notes: 1) This tool is effective for the Web application only. 2) This tool does not work in .NET, JBoss, JEUS, WebLogic and WebSphere versions.

To help ISVs create an easy-to-use Appeon installation package for the end users, Appeon specially provides a silent installer which can be customized to install EAServer, Appeon Server, Appeon Server EBF (Emergency Bug Fix), and Appeon applications in the silent mode.

This guide provides some useful instructions for ISVs on:

  • Creating folder structure of Silent Installer

  • Copying installation program of EAServer, Appeon Server, Appeon Server EBF or Web applications

  • Customizing configuration file

  • Burning installation CDs

Additional instructions are also provided for end users on:

  • Running Appeon Silent Installer (for End Users)