Packaging DLL/OCX files

Step 1: Run the EonDLLOCX.exe file under the \Toolkit\DLL&OCX Package folder in the Appeon Developer installation directory.

The DLL/OCX File Packaging Wizard starts, as shown in the following figure. Click Next to proceed.

Figure 172. DLL/OCX File Packaging Wizard

DLL/OCX File Packaging Wizard

Step 2: Select an application and click Next.

Only application profiles that are already configured with DLL/OCX files will be listed. For configuring DLL/OCX files for an application profile, refer to Deploy External Files. When Next is clicked, the pre-configured DLL/OCX files will be automatically added for you.

Or, skip the selection and click Next to manually add the DLL/OCX files.

Figure 173. Select an application

Select an application

Step 3: Click Add to add the DLL/OCX files, select the Register box to automatically register the file when installed, and click Next to proceed.

The DLL/OCX files will be automatically added if you select the application of which files are already configured in the previous step.

Figure 174. Add DLL/OCX files

Add DLL/OCX files

Step 4: Specify the location where the package will be created. A folder named Package will be created under this location.

Figure 175. Specify the package location

Specify the package location

Step 5: Review the settings and click Next to generate the package.

Figure 176. Review settings

Review settings

Step 6: Wait until the file packaging process is complete.

Step 7: When packaging is complete, click Finish to close the wizard.

To view the log information generated during the process, select the View Log box and then click Finish. The log file will be automatically opened. You can also manually open the DLLOCX.log file in the generated package.

Figure 177. Packaging complete

Packaging complete