Appeon Developer toolbar in PowerBuilder

All the Appeon Developer tools conform to the US Government Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines.

The following figure represents the user interface of the Appeon Developer toolbar.

Figure 2. Appeon Developer toolbar

Appeon Developer toolbar

The Appeon Developer toolbar has 14 buttons. The following table describes the functionality of each button.

Table 1. Appeon Developer toolbar functions




Config Wizard

Provides a wizard for quick configuration of Appeon Developer for Web or mobile conversion.


Sets configurations of Appeon Developer for Web or mobile conversion.



Analyzes application source code for unsupported features before deployment. This analysis can cover the whole application, at object level or within an inheritance hierarchy (It displays as in PowerBuilder 11.5).

Code Insight

Develops PowerBuilder applications that are free of Appeon unsupported features.


Starts the complete process of deploying a PowerBuilder application to the Web or Mobile.


Runs the deployed Web application (in Internet Explorer) or the deployed mobile application (in Appeon Workspace Emulator).


Manages logs and reports.


Packages Appeon application files for installation.


Undeploys Web or mobile applications from Web Server(s) and Appeon Server(s).


Launches Appeon Enterprise Manager (AEM).

Size Calculator

Converts the display size between Points and PB Units.

Appeon Workspace Emulator

Launches Appeon Workspace Emulator.


Searches, browses, prints, copies, and pastes useful information from the Appeon user guides.

Get Support

Displays the product version and the support information. The Check Update button in it allows you to check the Appeon updates.

Apart from Code Insight and Information, only one Appeon Developer toolbar function can be launched at any given time. This prevents an Appeon Developer process from interfering with another.