Bug 809

PowerBuilder IDE Performance significantly slowed down with R2 release 28 April, 2021

Yuri Denshchik
20 February, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2017 R2 Build:
Classification: Issue Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: NO RESPONSE
Tom Jiang @Appeon 28 April, 2021
We've made multiple attempts to contact you to determine if this ticket has been solved, but unfortunately we did not get any response and we proceed to close it. 

If you consider this issue is still not resolved, please contact us.


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 17 March, 2021
We have been trying to keep in touch with you to find out about the resolution of this issue. We would like to continue with our support but without more information, we are in the need to close it according to our internal help support policy but please remember you can always open a new ticket.   

Thanks for you feedback and have a nice day!


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 19 November, 2020
Sorry for not replying for so long! Are you still experiencing this issue or you've managed to resolve it on your side? Please let us know if you still need help with this issue or if it is possible to close this ticket.

Thanks for you feedback and have a nice day!


Tom Jiang
Yuri Denshchik 02 May, 2018
Hi Govinda,
After full build and optimization the response is slightly faster but still far from normal. 
The lag is not only happens when open or save objects. We have to wait about 5 seconds when PB IDE gets focus back when switching between Windows applications. 
And it happens on all of our machines with PB2017 R2 installations.
Govinda Lopez @Appeon 30 April, 2018
Hi Yuri,

Please try the following workaround and let us know if it helped:


Yuri Denshchik 12 March, 2018
Any update on the case? 
I notice about 5 second response lag when setting focus back to PB IDE from another Windows application
That is new in R2
Govinda Lopez @Appeon 20 February, 2018
Hi Yuri,

I'm working on analyzing and reproducing your case. I will keep you posted of the results here.

We have lowered the priority of your issue to the default P3 to be consistent with the priority level definitions in our support policy posted to our Website: https://www.appeon.com/sites/default/files/pictures/Downloads/Appeon_2017_Standard_Support_Plan_Description.pdf

Yuri Denshchik 20 February, 2018
With PB2017 R2 release the performance of accessing, saving and checking in objects went down a lot.  Sometimes we'd have to wait for 5-10 seconds  to get focus on DW. The performance  goes down when source control is set to PBCSS Proxy. 
With times the performance goes slower and slower. At certain point I'd have to restart PB.
This is extremely inconvenient. Please fix ASAP. 
PB 2017 R1 did not have such issue.
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