Bug 7790

Enhancement Request - Add Checkout option to Git Switch Branch GUI and functionality. 17 January, 2022

John Strano
13 January, 2022
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2021 Build: 0000
Classification: Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
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Communication Status: Waiting for Appeon
Tom Jiang @Appeon 17 January, 2022
Hi John,

We will submit this ticket to our development to further analyze the issue. It will take some time to reach a conclusion. We will keep you updated!


Tom Jiang
Chris Pollach @Appeon 13 January, 2022
Hi John;

  Thank you for your enhancement suggestion!

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the Engineering team for their review & feedback on this request.

Regards ... Chris
John Strano 13 January, 2022
20210113 Enh. Request - Add Checkout option to Switch Branch window.png (72KB)

Users of PowerBuilder are required to use an external Git tool or commandline to Checkout a remote (origin) branch in the repository.

*Reproduce Steps:
RMB on a Workspace which is connected to a Git repository. Note the lack of a Checkout option.

Please see the attached image. Git platforms other than PowerBuilder offer the ability to Checkout a branch when they choose to Switch to a remote (origin) branch of the current Git repository. I'm proposing that for the Gui portion of this enhancement, that a "Checkout" checkbox be added. It would then be enabled if the User/Developer selects a remote (origin) branch from the DDLB in that Git Switch Branch window.
Thank you.
- John Strano -
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