Bug 7768

feature request to enhance Library painter and system tree 11 January, 2022

Miguel Leeuwe
09 January, 2022
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2021 Build: 1311
Classification: Enhancement Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Tom Jiang @Appeon 11 January, 2022
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your support and understanding! I am closing this ticket for now. 

Have a nice day!


Tom Jiang
Miguel Leeuwe 10 January, 2022
Hi Tom,
Thanks for replying. No need to separate this into multiple requests, as you already say, some things probably won't be done, but as far as I'm concerned, if the System Tree doesn't always occupy part of my screen while working on for example a window, I'll be a happy bunny!
You can close this ticket, I'll wait for the tabbed interface.
Tom Jiang @Appeon 10 January, 2022
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your enhancement requests.

#1 Regenerate multiple selected objects from system tree
As far as I can see, the system tree is mainly for single item operation. With the Library Painter, there is a separate list view box for multiple selection. So I don't see a good way to implement similar feature on the system tree. I suggest that you continue to use the Library Painter for this purpose. 

#2 Using Git on Library Painter
There is a plan to research and implement this feature in a future release. But currently we don't know when will it be implemented. 

There is a major UI enhancement for the IDE (Tabbed interface) planned for PB 2022, which should address this issue. See the following link for more details.

BTW, I suggest that you separate each request into different ticket so that it can be handled properly. 


Tom Jiang
Miguel Leeuwe 10 January, 2022
For me another main problem with the system tree, is that it ALWAYS takes up space on my monitor when designing some objects. It would really be nice if it could auto-expand/fold to the left when not having focus. (I already requested that in an older ticket I think).
Miguel Leeuwe 09 January, 2022
feature request to enhance Library painter and System Tree
In the Library painter, I can select a few objects and regenerate only those. I cannot do this in the system tree.
In the system tree, I can manage all sourcontrol operations when using GIT. I cannot do (or see) any of that in the Library Painter.
It would be nice if at least we could do the Git operations from the Library painter.
thank you,

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