Bug 7446

Ribbonbar - Add Button Text options for TabButton Control 23 May, 2022

Christopher Craft
01 November, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Controls & UI
Version: 2019 R3 Build: 2670
Classification: Enhancement Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Appeon Product 23 May, 2022
Hi Chris,

Thank you for submitting the ticket.  

We now acknowledge this ticket to be an enhancement request and will record and track it internally in our enhancement management system. At the same time, we are closing the ticket here because this support system is for handling standard support services but not for maintaining enhancement requests.  

Please note that despite its "Closed" status, you are welcome to come back here and leave further comments or query the relevant development progress on this ticket.  


Mark Lee @Appeon 16 November, 2021
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your detailed explanation.
We'll submit this ticket to our development to further analyze the issue. It will take some time to reach a conclusion.
We will keep you updated!

Mark Lee
Christopher Craft 04 November, 2021
Well, I am glad you brought that up.  The current implementation of the RibbonBar does not follow the Windows standard anyway.  The Windows 'Quick Access Toolbar' is positioned on top of the Ribbon and also gives the user the ability to position it below the Ribbon. The PB RibbonBar should have this option as well - Top, Bottom, and Ribbon so you can support the current behavior (This would also be a great option for my other bug (6759) about the tab text being sized to small). Now, if you look at browsers like Edge or Chrome the quick access menu is called the 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' which does have the image and text.  So I guess it depends on what we are calling the Tab Button which I have implemented as a 'Quick Access Favorite' :-) .

Here is our use case - our customers have upwards of 20+ quick access favorites they use to launch programs and they are now complaining because it is hard for them to quickly identify the programs now.  They had the option to show the text in the past so they want that back.

Anyway, I think Windows is all about having options and adding this option would be a great feature (and one that Windows will probably do too). So I would love to see the following added:
1) Option to position the Tab Buttons Above, Below, or next to the Ribbon
2) Option to show the Text next to the Picture like the Favorites or Bookmarks

Thanks again,
Chris Craft
Mark Lee @Appeon 04 November, 2021
tabutton menu

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your confirmation and explanation.
In fact, displaying both image and text on the TabButton is not a best practice with RibbonBar. You can refer to Windows File Explorer and MS Office's RibbonBar for examples.
The TabButton only supports displaying either Text or Image. Please refer to the following XML.
#1 Only diplay text (PictureName ="")
<TabButton Text="Help2" PictureName="" Checked="false" DefaultCommand="true" Enabled="true" PowerTipText="Help" PowerTipDescription="Get help." Tag="TabHelp" Visible="true" Clicked="ue_TabButtonHelpClicked" Selected="ue_TabButtonHelpSelected"/>
#2 Only diplay image (Text ="")
 <TabButton Text="Help" PictureName="HelpSmall!" Checked="false" DefaultCommand="true" Enabled="true" PowerTipText="Help" PowerTipDescription="Get help." Tag="TabHelp" Visible="true" Clicked="ue_TabButtonHelpClicked" Selected="ue_TabButtonHelpSelected"/>
If you want the user to be able to dynamically set the TabButton to show text or images, you can implement it by adding a menu to the TabButton. https://docs.appeon.com/pb2021/powerscript_reference/GetMenu_func.html  
Or you can refer to the attached XML file.
If you think this solution is workable, I can provide a sample code app later.

Mark Lee
Christopher Craft 02 November, 2021
Hi Mark,

Yes - exactly what I need. And if selected it stays that way by user.

And I don't need another text column (I confused it with PowerTip) - the current 'text' value will work when 'Show Text' is on.
Mark Lee @Appeon 02 November, 2021
Show Text

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this problem.
I just want to confirm if I understand your requirements correctly.
Do you want to add a Show Text function similar to Toolbar in TabButton control? Refer to the attached screenshot.
If not, please take a screenshot to explain in detail. Thank you.

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach @Appeon 01 November, 2021
Hi Chris;

  Thank you for those enhancement suggestions. I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering for their consideration, review & feedback.

Regards ... Chris
Christopher Craft 01 November, 2021
I would like 2 new options in the TabButton control:
1) ButtonText
2) ShowButtonText

I am looking for the same options we have with the Menu Object and the Toolbar. Users can select to show the toolbar button text or not and I need the same functionality for the Tab Buttons.
Windows 10
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