Bug 7267

No place to capture the Error in a crosstab data window when column count is greater then 300 25 November, 2021

Utkarsh Pandya
17 September, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2019 R2 Build: 2353
Classification: Sybase (legacy) bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Scheduling Reason:
Mark Lee @Appeon 25 November, 2021
Hello Utkarsh,

Sorry for the late reply.
I built a small test case and reproduced it on our side in PB 12.6, PB 2019 R2 & R3, and PB 2021 GA.
For this problem, we checked and analyzed the underlying code of PB and believed that it is caused by the limitations of Crosstab DataWindows.
The underlying error cannot be captured or handled with a custom message, and there is no switch to turn it off.
We will escalate this problem to our development team to further analyze whether there is room to optimize it further or document the limitation.
We will need some time to figure it out, and we will get back to you if there is any progress.

Mark Lee
Utkarsh Pandya 20 September, 2021
Hello Mark,

Yeah, Mark, that is what I want to do but I cannot capture the error and the number of columns are created based on a formula for my case so It would be great if there would be any place where I can capture the error and show my custom message.

Thanks and Regards
Mark Lee @Appeon 17 September, 2021
Hello Utkarsh,

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to verify this issue.
Another suggestion. It is a little too many and unusual to use 300 columns in a DataWindow. Can you restrict the number of displaying columns in the DataWindow in your real application?

Mark Lee
Utkarsh Pandya 17 September, 2021
Hello Mark
Here is the Error  message that is shown when we have more than 300 columns in the cross tab data window

Warning: Crosstab can hold only up to 300 columns.
Sorry i tried to create the test application but i wont be able to create it withou creating a new DB so i am not attaching the test case

Mark Lee @Appeon 17 September, 2021
Hi Utkarsh,

Thanks for reporting this problem!
Please provide a screenshot of the error for us to analyze the issue.

BTW, it would be better if you can provide a reproducible sample test case (including PBT/PBL) to us for more study. Thanks in advance.

Mark Lee
Utkarsh Pandya 17 September, 2021
I want to know if there is any place where i can turn the error off and capture the message and give custom message to the users
Utkarsh Pandya 17 September, 2021
*Phenomenon:Error gets triggered in crosstab datawindow when column count is greater then 300

*Reproduce Steps: create a corsstab datawindow in such a way that  the column count when the pivot is created  is greater then 300.

Windows 10
Database Type:
SAP SQL Anywhere
Database Version: