Bug 7001

feature request to update the dwsyntax tool with all attributes 05 August, 2021

Miguel Leeuwe
26 July, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Controls & UI
Version: 2019 R3 Build: 2703
Classification: Enhancement Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Appeon Product 05 August, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thank you for submitting the ticket.  

We now acknowledge this ticket to be an enhancement request and will record and track it internally in our enhancement management system. At the same time, we are closing the ticket here because this support system is for handling standard support services but not for maintaining enhancement requests.  

Please note that despite its "Closed" status, you are welcome to come back here and leave further comments or query the relevant development progress on this ticket.  

Ken Guo @Appeon 27 July, 2021
Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your feedback.
“I guess the way to go - if you need to retrieve huge amounts of data in a dw - is 64 bit.” - You are right.

Miguel Leeuwe 27 July, 2021
Wow! Thank you for that information Ken. So  Large and Medium use the same size? That's crazy!.
Anyway, I guess the way to go - if you need to retrieve huge amounts of data in a dw - is 64 bit.
Thanks again, please close this ticket!
Ken Guo @Appeon 27 July, 2021
Hi Miguel,

#1. As per dwsyntax tool
I will submit it as a requirement to the product team.
Just as you said, Sybase hadn’t updated this tool for a very long time so many attributes are not present in the tool.

#2. As per StoragePageSize
Our developers have analyzed the StoragePageSize code, following are the results:
No setting, obtain its value directly, it returns 89396 bytes. (Default)
Set it to Large, and then obtain this value, it returns 90280 bytes.
Set it to Medium, and then obtain this value, it also returns 90280 bytes.

From the above results, we can see that no matter whether the StoragePageSize value is set, the differences are not that great. It should be that Sybase optimized it in subsequent PB versions.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for reporting this. 
I'll transfer this over to the main Support/Engineering team for their review.

Miguel Leeuwe 26 July, 2021
There's a (hopefully up-to-date) list of dw attributes on https://docs.appeon.com/pb2019/datawindow_reference/ch03s03.html
However, the dwsyntax tool to get the correct syntax for Describe() and Modify() is very incomplete and not up to date at all. This has been dragging over the years since at least Sybase.

Another question I have is related to the 
dw1.Modify("datawindow.storagepagesize='LARGE'") syntax. The help on https://docs.appeon.com/pb2019/datawindow_reference/ch03s03.html#XREF_81831_StoragePageSize explains that there are 2 possible settings: LARGE and MEDIUM. I doesn't say which one is the default.
When doing a describe of the property, I'm getting "Default". So first of all that possible setting is not mentioned in the help and it's impossible to know what it means.
Please update this information.
best regards

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