Bug 5876

Application crash during startup 14 January, 2021

Allan Seagrott
13 January, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerBuilder Runtime
Version: 2019 R3 Beta Build: 2622
Classification: Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
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Communication Status: Waiting for Customer
Chris Pollach @Appeon 14 January, 2021
Hi Allan;

  That is awesome news!

  May we close this ticket now?

Regards ... Chris
Allan Seagrott 13 January, 2021
Hi Chris

Thanks for the heads up. I've had a quick look at the PowerClient feature  and it looks very promising for my scenario.

I have a rather hefty C# program that runs in conjunction with my PB app and currently interfacing via a COM wrapper. Have tested the new dotnetobject and assembly features in the hope of removing the COM wrapper and it's working well. 

Chris Pollach @Appeon 13 January, 2021
Hi Allan;

   Excellent news! Yes, the PB Help should help you to narrow down the missing files.

   BTW: The new PowerClient feature in PB2019 R3 will deploy the Microsoft files for you automatically along with the PB runtime and App.

Regards .... Chris
Allan Seagrott 13 January, 2021
Thanks Chris, that appears to be the problem as I've dumped the whole set of runtime files into the folder and it launches now.

Just need to narrow it down.

Thanks for the quick response.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 13 January, 2021
Hi Allan;

   There would be supporting run-time DLL's that may also need to be copied over to the deployment machine. Please look into the PB Help file and search for the keywords "runtime files". That link will then take you to an area in the help sub-system that will list all the DLL's that you need to deploy with your PB App's EXE. Some of those DLL's are Microsoft ones BTW.

    Note that even using the PB Packager utility to package the PB run-time DLL's into an installable MSI file. The packager will *not* package the Microsoft ones and they may have to be manually copied across to the deployment machine.

Regards .... Chris
Allan Seagrott 13 January, 2021
application_crash.png (46KB)

*Phenomenon: During startup of the application using a 32 bit runtime build in a 64 bit windows 10 VM, It throws an exception and terminates. No messages are displayed from the application. Found the attached error in the event viewer. Code executes correctly when run from the IDE.

*Reproduce Steps:

Remarks: Not sure if it's related but I am loading a .NET assembly as a part of the startup
Windows 10
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Microsoft SQL Server
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