Bug 5837

Problems with transparent background for some menu items with PNG files 15 January, 2021

Constantin Bergatt
05 January, 2021
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Controls & UI
Version: 2019 R2 Build: 2353
Classification: Sybase (legacy) bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Scheduling Reason:
Communication Status: Waiting for Appeon
Constantin Bergatt 15 January, 2021
Problematic icons.7z (13KB)

Hello Mark,

I just finished replacing the "problematic" PNGs with GIFs and thought, that a collection of them might help with your analysis.

Please find attached an archive containing all "problematic" PNGs.

Mark Lee @Appeon 13 January, 2021
Hello Constantin,

Thanks very much for your understanding.
We will keep you updated.

Mark Lee
Constantin Bergatt 13 January, 2021
Hello Mark,

many thanks for all your efforts to you and the development team!

Hope to hear soon from you some time after the release of PB 2019 R3 GA.

Keep up the good work!

Mark Lee @Appeon 13 January, 2021
Hello Constantin,

Thanks for your feedback.
We fully understand your situation.
As I said before, our development team is now focusing on developing the upcoming PB 2019 R3 GA version and they could only analyze it after PB 2019 R3 GA is released.
As I said before, it also exists in PB 12.6, it is a Sybase (legacy) bug, I have transferred it to the development team again. The team will analyze it after the release of PB 2019 R3 GA. And they could decide whether to fix it and to fix it to which version only after they find out the root cause of it. Thanks for your understanding.

We will keep you posted on the progress.

Mark Lee
Constantin Bergatt 12 January, 2021
Hello Mark,

many thanks for letting me know!

I had hoped, you could at least give me a hint on what is causing the problem, but understand, that you have more important things currentlly on your agenda.

I will start replacing the problematic Icons with GIFs. I had hoped to avoid that, as a GIF does not look as nice as a PNG does for an icon. But as we are also right before the next release, I need this issue to be fixed right now and can't wait any longer for your reply.

Nevertheless I still want this issue to be fixed as soon as possible! I would love to revert the problematic icons back to PNGs as soon as possible.

Mark Lee @Appeon 12 January, 2021
Hi Constantin,
No problem, I will keep you updated.
However, please note that we are focusing on releasing PB 2019 R3 GA recently so we don't have any resources to handle this issue for the time being.
Hope you can understand.

Mark Lee
Constantin Bergatt 11 January, 2021
Hi Mark,

many thanks for the feedback!

Please keep me updated on any progress, as this issue is very important to us and we are right before the code freeze for our next major release.

Mark Lee @Appeon 11 January, 2021
Hi Constantin,

Thanks for your feedback and for sharing this info.
I will escalate this problem to our development team for further analysis.
We will need some time to figure it out and will get back to you if any progress we would make. 

Mark Lee
Constantin Bergatt 07 January, 2021
testapp.7z (58KB)

Hi Mark,

thanks a lot for your done research!

Please find attached a new, slightly modified test application. In order to put things in a better order, I've restructured it a Little bit more. I have added two additional subfolder, "Icons" and "Screenshots". In the first you will find all used Icons, whereas the latter does contain some explanatory screenshots from my side.

As you can see within the new test application I have added more icons, where the semi-transparent background does work perfectly fine. But still for some icons it does not work and I just don't get why and how.

Unfortunately we decided willingly to go for as you call it "semi-transparent" backgrounds. The additional background color does ease out some of the "artifacts" caused by not fully colored pixel at the edge of the icon and also keeps a certain degree of readability although the background color of the menu itself is changed. This approach does not cause problems for the majority of the Icons, but only for some selected few.

I also tried to add somewhat similar Icons to the test application to show, that it is not the "size" of the semi-transparent background that matters, as the "cancel.png" should have much more of it and is still working fine.

Mark Lee @Appeon 07 January, 2021
fully transparent png file

Hi Constantin,

Thanks for reporting this issue.
I can reproduce it on our side in PB 2019 R2 2353 and PB 12.6.
And yes, when I changed to use one of my transparent PNG icon files, the menu displayed also correctly.
So I sent this picture to another professional colleague for analysis.
He found that the middle content of this picture was white background color. He reedited the picture and changed all the background colors of the picture to transparent color for my test (refer to the attachment), and found that there was no such issue.
You can also download this attachment for verification and it seems the menu items require a high level of transparency for the PNG file.

Mark Lee
Constantin Bergatt 06 January, 2021
Hi Chris,

again thank you for all your efforts!

I thought also about some settings, but as I created all Icons using the same workflow / software Tools. There "shouldn't" be any difference between each of them. Further as I also tried different approaches before Opening this bug, I am at the end of my rope.

Chris Pollach @Appeon 06 January, 2021
Hi Constantin;

  Thank you for that extra information and insight.

  Since the transparent PNG files that I have work OK. I am wondering if its another setting in your PNG file format that is causing the issue. What I do not know is whether its because PB is interpreting the "transparency" setting incorrectly (if a certain bit is not set in transparency mode) or the PNG binary format is still not quite correct.

  I will now transfer the this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering team for their review & feedback on your issue. 

Regards ... Chris
Constantin Bergatt 06 January, 2021
Hi Chris,

many thanks for the very quick reply!

Yes, I have tried lots of other "transparent" PNG files. As I said, we did an icon refurbishment, which was for the most part a polishing up all of our menu icons. For the majority of our "new" icons the transparency is just working fine, with a few exceptions like the one I added to the test application. I have some more "problematic" icons, if you are interested.

Unfortunately the "problematic" ones were created exactly the same way the working ones were created. In addition I also did some research on the example icon (save it with different tools using different saving options like GIMP, IrfanView, and Paint.Net; try out if changing some of the properties PowerBuilder provides for menu items; etc.) but to no avail.

Unfortunately this topic is very urgent to us. As we have code freeze in somewhat around two weeks and we definitely need to find a solution to this problem before this date, any help, hint, workaround, fix or whatever which helps us to fix this problem is much appreciated!

Chris Pollach @Appeon 05 January, 2021
Hi Constantin;

  Thank you for the test case!
  I was able to experience the same transparency issue with my PB 2019R2 build 2353 on W10 using your Test Case. However, when I used one of my transparent PNG icon files, the menu displayed correctly.

  Have you tried other "transparent" PNG files on your end?

Regards ... Chris
Constantin Bergatt 05 January, 2021
testapp.7z (24KB)

While doing an "refurbishment" on all of our icons, we ran into problems with some of them. For some icons, when assigned to a menu item, the transparent background is lost and a white background is shown instead.

*Reproduce Steps:
You can find a respective test application attached to this bug (see testapp.7z).

1. Create a small test application with a very simple window, which does have a menu.
2. Add a menu item and assign the PNG "doc_upload.png" (contained withi the testapp.7z) as icon for the menu item.
3. Check the icon within the "Preview" pane of the menu within the PowerBuilder IDE.

Result : The icon as well as the transparent background is displayed correctly within the PowerBuilder IDE.

4. Run the application from the Workspace.
5. Check the appearance of the created menu item.

Result : The icon is shown with a white background.
Expected : The Icon as well as the transparent background is shown correctly.

Result : The icon of the menu as well as the toolbar item are visible and are looking fine.

Doing a very quick internet search this problem might be related to :
Windows 10
Database Type:
SAP SQL Anywhere
Database Version: