Bug 5771

We upgraded the DB2 database from 32bit to 64 bit and the datawindow bindings are not working as expected. 13 January, 2021

Russell Lawton
17 December, 2020
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2019 Build: 2082
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Priority: P3
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armando herrera @Appeon 13 January, 2021
Hi Russel, 
Are you still facing this matter? 
Is there anything else we can do to keep helping?. 

Chris Pollach @Appeon 18 December, 2020
Hi Russel;

  That is only true when you mark the column(s) that you want to have a NULL sent to the DBMS by using the "Empty is Null" ON setting in the DW Painter. 

  Are the column(s) that are sending NULLs because of the above setting in your DWO's? 

Regards ... Chris
Russell Lawton 17 December, 2020
Attachment 2.docx (168KB)

Here is the attachment.
Russell Lawton 17 December, 2020
Hi Chris,

I read in the PowerBuilder data window programming guide that if a field is left blank, the data window will supply null values to the update statement - See attachment 2. I also placed details pertaining to the settings on the fields that are coming in as null in the update statement and failing because they can't be null. Let me add that these two fields have default values on the database table as replacement when these fields are left blank and are passed to the database. The DBA here says the defaults will only replace the fields when the data being passed is not null (ie spaces).   Not sure why the defaults worked before the database migration when I believe we were sending nulls. At least according to the programming guide we would have been sending nulls.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 17 December, 2020
Hi Russell;

  The bitness of the DB/2 Server should not make any difference to the various MS-Windows applications that interact with the DBMS. However, if you also upgraded the DB2 version while doing this, changed / upgraded the DB2 client software and/or changed the DB2 related server / table settings. That could certainly lead to this issue.

  From what I can see, the NULL handling seems to have changed somehow ...

  Please check your DB2 schema against the DWO's "Update Properties" and related column's Edit Style NULL handling settings to make sure that they are in-sync with the PB App vs your DB2 schema.

Regards ... Chris
Russell Lawton 17 December, 2020
Doc1.docx (409KB)

*Phenomenon: We upgraded our db2 database from 32bit to 64bit and the default values that were placed on a table for the non-nullable fields are not working when the data window tries to save the data back to the database. We get an error  (see attachment) on the insert statment stating that we are trying to insert a null value in a non-nullable column in the table. We never received that error prior to the migration....... .....we get the error when running both the 32bit version of the application and the 64bit version.
looks like there is a problem with the biding. Do you think we need to recompile the application post migration because we have not done that yet?  

*Reproduce Steps:

Windows 10
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