Bug 5756

Style Type RTF datawindow column 13 April, 2021

Walter Ruaro
16 December, 2020
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2019 R2 Build: 2323
Classification: Publishing: Public
Priority: P2
Status: Reproducing Reason:
Communication Status: Waiting for Customer
Mark Lee @Appeon 13 April, 2021
Hello Walter,

Thanks for your feedback.
I used the test case and ran it in the Runtime environment, the test result is the same as that ran in PB IDE. So I suspect that the issue might be related to your machine environment.
1.      Can you reproduce the issue on other computers as well?
2.      Please confirm whether the runtime folder (e.g.:..\Shared\PowerBuilder) has the following DLL files that TX control needs.
pbrtc190.dll, PBTXTEXT190.dll, podofo.dll, tp4ole15.ocx, tp15.dll, tp15_bmp.flt, tp15_css.dll, tp15_doc.dll, tp15_dox.dll, tp15_gif.flt, tp15_htm.dll, tp15_ic.dll, tp15_ic.ini, tp15_jpg.flt, tp15_obj.dll, tp15_pdf.dll, tp15_png.flt, tp15_rtf.dll, tp15_tif.flt, tp15_tls.dll, tp15_wmf.flt, tp15_wnd.dll
BTW, since we can't reproduce this issue on our side, it is hard for our developers to locate the cause of it. To better analyze this issue, it would be much helpful if you could provide a VM that could duplicate it for us. We could provide the related FTP account for you to upload the VM files. Thanks in advance.

Mark Lee
Walter Ruaro 12 April, 2021
bug5756_r.zip (148KB)

Good morning.

We run tests with the sources they sent us.

Running the example from PowerBuilder we can see that it is displayed correctly. See images runtime_1.png and runtime_2.png

Then we compile the application and copy it into the PowerBuilder folder to make sure that we are going to use the same dlls as the runtime.

See image exe_0.png

Once this is done, we execute from that folder and as you can see in the images exe_1.png exe_2.png the result is different from the one obtained from runtime.

Mark Lee @Appeon 06 April, 2021
Hello Walter,

Thanks for your feedback.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Mark Lee
Walter Ruaro 04 April, 2021
Hello Mark.

This week I'll do the tests on what you happen to us.

I'll give you news as soon as I can do it

In principle, thank you very much for responding

Mark Lee @Appeon 30 March, 2021
Hello Walter,

Thanks very much for providing the test DataWindow and related data for us to verify and test this issue.

I created a small case (see comment 20) according to the DataWindow source code you provided but I still can't reproduce the issue that rich text data is truncated (see the videos in comments 18 & 19).
Please use the case I provided and see if you can reproduce the issue on your end.
If the issue still exists, that might be related to your environment. Please check and see if the version of the PB you used to deploy the EXE is the same as that of the runtime package. They should be the same version.

Mark Lee
Mark Lee @Appeon 30 March, 2021
New Test Case (Mark)
Mark Lee @Appeon 30 March, 2021
test video 2
Mark Lee @Appeon 30 March, 2021
test video 1
Walter Ruaro 05 March, 2021
bug5756.zip (6172KB)


Attached data set, table and DataWindow that works on said table where we have the AutoSize problem.

phci_evolucion.sql: Table to create:
load.bat: cmd to load data
data.dat: sample data

Information can be viewed by entering id_internac = 1226

Walter Ruaro 05 March, 2021
Good Morning

Sorry for the delay in responding

At the end of the built-in Rich Edit Control we have not used it. It created other problems for us.

Our development team is now working with TX Text Control 28, in R3. Let's hope our tests come to fruition.

We will keep you informed.
armando.herrera 04 March, 2021
Hi Walter!

I just wanted to  check the status of this ticket with you.
Is it possible to share your app code to us so we can take a look at it? 

Mark Lee @Appeon 09 February, 2021
Hi Walter,

Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks for providing the screenshot and video.
It seems that the issue is related to the content length, format, etc. of your RTF, and we can't reproduce it using the case we created.
So for this particular case, it would be helpful for us to diagnose it if we have a reproducible test case from your side, otherwise, it is very hard for us to further analyze it.
Appreciate your understanding.
BTW, please note that the built-in Rich Edit Control will no longer be eligible for technical support in the coming PB 2019 R3:

Mark Lee
Walter Ruaro 15 January, 2021
Screenshot_6.png (30KB)

With Built-it Rich Edit control
Walter Ruaro 15 January, 2021
Screenshot_4.png (31KB)

With Built-in TX Text Control
Walter Ruaro 15 January, 2021
Screenshot_5.png (8KB)

Testing I just observed a different behavior if I choose Buil-in RichEdit Control, than if I choose Built-in TX Text Control

See attached images.
Walter Ruaro 15 January, 2021
Good afternoon.
Sorry for the delay in responding.

I have attached a link to a video where you can see that the Autosize property works well in the programming environment (preview) and not in execution.

The video shows how changing the style from Edit to RichText in preview still works correctly, but when executing that property it does not work correctly.

armando.herrera 11 January, 2021
Hi Walter,

I would like to check with you if the response provided has been helpful enough to resolve your case. If so, can we proceed to close the ticket?. 

Otherwise, please let us know if we can provide you with any further assistance, remember you can always open another ticket any time you need it.  

Mark Lee @Appeon 17 December, 2020
Hi Walter,

Thanks for reporting this problem.
I built a small test case with Grid Datawindow and Tabular Datawindow and cannot reproduce it on our side.
Maybe this issue is related to your data, please provide a compelete test case (with PBT/PBL + Data) for us to reproduce it.

Another suggestion for you, please use the same datawindow source to recreate a new Grid Datawindow and see if it works.

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach @Appeon 16 December, 2020
Hi Walter;

 FYI: In my testing with your DWO when the RichText Edit Style is ON - no data even displays in that column and the column does not resize within the DW Painer of the IDE.

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 16 December, 2020
from the powerbuilder IDE the autosize for richtext works fine.

We could also see that it is working for us in composite DW, that is, in those DW that have an RTF column and a DW included

Do you think they can include this functionality in the next version? (2019 R3)
Chris Pollach @Appeon 16 December, 2020
Hi Walter;

  Thank you for the screen capture!

  FWIW: It only works that way for me if I remove the RTF Edit Style

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 16 December, 2020
Screenshot_12.png (32KB)

Hello Chris
Thanks for the prompt response.

clearly the autosize function does not apply for RTF. As you say, if we change it to EDIT style, it will work correctly

Which draws our attention that if the preview from within PowerBuilder works correctly.

You can see it in the next screen that I attach.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 16 December, 2020
Hi Walter;

  Thank you for supplying the DWO source for this ticket!

  I see that you are referring to the RichText "Edit Style" for a column and not an RTF DW Style oiverall. Your test DWO is a type "0", which is "tabular" in nature.

  AFAIK, the RTF Edit Style does not support AutoSize height. If for example you change the Column's edit style to support say for example plain text, the AutoSize feature does kick in properly.

  I think that this issue would be an enhancement to the existing RichText "Edit Style". I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering team for that confirmation and further feedback.

  As a workaround for now, I would suggest changing the Edit Style to EDIT and let the user "preview" some of the columns large textual data. Then for full display and or editing, link out to another DWO that uses a free-form style that exposes this large column data using appropriate screen real-estate which supports the RTF Edit Style. 

Regards ... Chris
Walter Ruaro 16 December, 2020
d_consulta_evolucion_internac.srd (34KB)

Adjunto SRD
Walter Ruaro 16 December, 2020
Documento1.pdf (162KB)

good morning

Columns of type RichText in a Datawindow does not work the Autosize Height correctly
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