Bug 5635

NativePDF Print Margin Issues 22 November, 2020

Christopher Craft
20 November, 2020
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2019 R3 Beta Build: 2556
Classification: Appeon bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Scheduling Reason:
Mark Lee @Appeon 22 November, 2020
Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this problem.
Sorry for any convenience caused for you. 
For NativePDF Print Margin Issue, and yes, this has also been reported by other customers before.
According to our plan, this issue may be fixed in the PB 2019 R3. 
At present, we are also verifying and analyzing this issue internally. 
We'll let you know here as soon as it's confirmed that this bug will be fixed in R3. Thanks!

Mark Lee
Christopher Craft 20 November, 2020
The nice thing with NativePDF or Distill is the SaveAs can be used.  Our customers use that all the time.  Dealing with printers and permissions on drivers, installation, etc.. is a pain.

I will take a look at Ayumini though.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 20 November, 2020
Hi Chris;

  Your frustrations are noted. Sorry for the poor experience with the NativePDF solution. Let's see what Engineering says on their reply to this ticket.

  In the mean-time if you are pressed for time / App delivery, have you thought about using something like the Ayumini PDF OCX instead? I know that this would involve a small $$$ outlay but, this solution has been used with PB Apps for decades and also requires no external installation like with GhostScript. 

FYI:  https://www.amyuni.com/en/developer-tools/pdf-creator-developer-pro/for-activex

PS: I have used Ayumini before in many projects in the past with no issues. Its also super fast at rendering.

Regards ... Chris
Christopher Craft 20 November, 2020
Thank you Chris for the response.  My frustration with NativePDF and all these little issues is sending me over.  As much as I hated dealing with GhostScript and setup issues , GS never had issues with presentation. It always looked like the print preview of the Datawindow. Appeon should have embedded that engine into the product instead of what they are currently using.

Please pass on the importance of getting these NativePDF issues address in the final release of R3. This includes my other active Bugs I have reported (along with the bugs reported by others). I am on the verge of dumping it and going to another solution.
Chris Pollach @Appeon 20 November, 2020
Hi Chris;

  There are definite issues with Margins in the native PDF feature (which I assume that you are using). You are correct, the margins - in fact DWO fonts - at run time are picked up by the PBVM from the "default" printer.

  We have open tickets for PDF margins. For example: 4856, 4897, 5546, etc. I just checked my latest PB2019 R3 Beta build 2593 documentation and I do not show any Native PDF changes. However, the documentation at this time does not show what fixes will be present when R3 goes GA.

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering team to get a current status on this restriction.

PS: Does the PDF work OK if you use the old GhostScript approach?

Regards ... Chris
Christopher Craft 20 November, 2020
Also - the example attached had the following in the syntax:
// Set the Size and Orientation!
this.Object.DataWindow.Export.PDF.NativePDF.CustomSize = '5'
this.Object.DataWindow.Export.PDF.NativePDF.CustomOrientation = '2'
Christopher Craft 20 November, 2020
Invoice (OneNote).pdf (5KB)

When saving to PDF the margins will change depending on the default printer.  If you have a physical printer as the default then the top and bottom margin will be present. If the default is not (ie. One Note) then the top and bottom margins are zero. Regardless of printer default the Left and Right margins are zero.

Margins that are set for a DW should never change. We have customers emailing all their Invoices. Now that we all work from home the default printer is coming from their home PC. When they get sent the Invoice looks horrible. 

I am planning to deliver 2019 R3 when it is released. I need this to be included in the official release.
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