Bug 4823

Missing library pbdynamictab190.dll 25 March, 2021

Robert Holoubek
18 June, 2020
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2019 R2 Build: 2328
Classification: Appeon bug Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: FIXED
Ken Guo @Appeon 25 March, 2021
Hi Robert,

Thank you very much for your response!
We then proceed to close this ticket, please remember that you can always open another ticket in case you need it.

Robert Holoubek 24 March, 2021
Yes, the ticket can be closed.
Ken Guo @Appeon 23 March, 2021
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback!
Yes, pbdynamictab.dll is the new naming in PB 2019 R3. 
Since this issue has been solved, can we proceed to close this ticket? Please note that you can open a new one in case you need it. 

Robert Holoubek 19 March, 2021
sorry! are not seach anymore :)
Robert Holoubek 19 March, 2021
Hi Ken, it seems that nor pbdynamictab190.dll and pbdynamictab.dll (new naming in PB2019 R3?) are searched anymore.
Ken Guo @Appeon 18 March, 2021
Hi Robert,

Have you verified this issue with the new version?
Can we proceed to close the ticket?

Ken Guo @Appeon 24 January, 2021
Hi Robert,

Good news that PowerBuilder 2019 R3 GA (build 2670) is available for download. The issue you reported has been fixed in this release. Please download and install it to verify the issue you reported and let us know if any problems. You can get the installer from our Downloads portal at https://account.appeon.com/download/2019 (login required). 

We welcome all feedback from you!

Ken Guo @Appeon 14 September, 2020
Hi Robert,

We are glad to inform you that PowerBuilder 2019 R3 Beta is available for your evaluation. The bug or enhancement you reported in this ticket has been fixed or implemented in this release. Please download and install it to verify it on your side and let us know your feedback soon!

You can find the Beta installer, release notes, and more about this release from the link below. (You need to sign in with your Appeon account)

1. Do not use a Beta release for production use. 
2. PowerBuilder 2l019 R3 cannot coexist with PowerBuilder 2019 or PowerBuilder 2019 R2. It will upgrade/overwrite these versions. We suggest that you install it on a separate machine or a virtual machine for your test. 

Chris Pollach @Appeon 22 June, 2020
Thanks Ken!
Ken Guo @Appeon 21 June, 2020
Hi Chris,

You're right! I'll pass your feedback to our development team. I will also suggest that our developers correct this problem to avoid unexpected errors.

Chris Pollach @Appeon 19 June, 2020
Hi Ken;

  FWIW:  While this behaviour is not too bad when the App is deployed to a local machine, this constant DLL searching could be a "killer" when PB Apps are run via Citrix, RDP or from a network Share drive. This could constantly invoke significant network overhead. Food for thought.

Regards ... Chris
Ken Guo @Appeon 19 June, 2020
Hi Robert,

PB 2019 R2 indeed has this anomaly at present. It is caused due to the code for some unreleased PB new functionalities. 
However, this issue won’t affect the normal use of PB. We will optimize it. Thanks for reporting this issue!

Chris Pollach @Appeon 18 June, 2020
Hi Robert;

  Thank you for reporting this anomaly. I cannot locate this DLL either in the standard PB IDE installation folders or in the run-times listed in the PB Help.

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering Team for their review & feedback.

Regards ... Chris
Robert Holoubek 18 June, 2020
When my compiled exe application written in powerscript is executed I can see in Procman that multiple times it searches (in all system paths) for pbdynamictab190.dll
But this library is nowhere in Appeon\Shared or packed by Runtime package installer to be later distributed with my application. 

*Reproduce Steps:
Run procman, filter your application and pbdynamictab190.dll and Run an PB application. 

Windows 10
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server
Database Version: