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Bug 3881

help documentation is wrong for dbAliasproperty 15 January, 2020

mike S
15 January, 2020
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Documentation
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Classification: Issue Priority: P4
Status: Fixing Reason:
Zhao Kai 15 January, 2020
Hi Mike,

Thanks for pointing out the issue in this document. We had forward it to the Document Team for them to correct it.

Chris Pollach 15 January, 2020
Hi Mike;

   Thank you for pointing out this documentation error. I will now transfer this ticket over to the Documentation Team.

Regards ... Chris
mike S 15 January, 2020
dbAliasproperty (DataWindow object) documentation needs fixed.
The following is what help has.  It is wrong.

Then the following statements would return the string "employee.emp_id" in ls_name and the string "emp.emp_id" in ls_alias:

string strAlias, strName
strName = dw1.Object.emp_id.dbName
strAlias = dw1.Object.emp_id.dbAlias
strName = dw1.Describe("emp_id.dbName")
strName = dw1.Describe("emp_id.dbAlias")


string ls_Alias, ls_Name
ls_Name = dw1.Object.emp_id.dbName
ls_Name = dw1.Describe("emp_id.dbName")

ls_Alias = dw1.Object.emp_id.dbAlias
ls_Alias = dw1.Describe("emp_id.dbAlias")
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