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Bug 3449

Web Service Proxy Generator and GIT 28 October, 2019

René Ullrich
08 October, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2019 Publishing: Public
Classification: Appeon bug Priority: P3
Status: Scheduling Reason:
Tom Jiang 28 October, 2019
Hi René,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We can reproduce it on our side. Our developer will analyze for a solution and update you when there is any progress.


Tom Jiang
Chris Pollach 08 October, 2019
Hi René;

  Good point ... I was thinking of the Git Premium (paid) version where you can checkout & lock. You are 100% correct though that the regular Git versions cannot perform these actions in advance.

  The key then is that the PB IDE mark the proxy objects as "changed" when the WS Proxy project is executed.

Regards ... Chris
René Ullrich 08 October, 2019
Hi Chris,
there is no checkout functionality with Git! Usually you open a object and simply change it. PowerBuilder saves it to PBL and ws_objects directory. 
But not in all cases. :-(
Chris Pollach 08 October, 2019
  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support / Engineering team for their review & recommendations for this enhancement request.
Chris Pollach 08 October, 2019
Hi René;

  Ideally, the developer would have checked out the proxy objects before refreshing the related PBL. However, you bring up an excellent point in that the IDE should advise the developer that the proxy objects are currently under SCM control before over-writing them. Even better, allow an option to checkout the objects for you before proceeding.

Regards ... Chris
René Ullrich 08 October, 2019
I use Web Service Proxy Generator to create proxy objects for a webservice. Object are generated into a separate PBL. This PBL is under source control using native Git.

Problem: The Proxy Generator overwrites existing objects in the PBL but not updates the file in ws_objects directory. So the changes are not persistent because PowerBuilder updates the PBL from ws_objects directory.

This problem also occurs if you copy objects from a library in one application to a library in another application.
This behavior is dangerous because PowerBuilder doesn't show that there is a difference between the PBL and the ws_objects directory. So you may lose unnoticed this changes on a Refresh.
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