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Bug 3315

add datawindow actions to the profiler 11 September, 2019

Ferdinand Fischer
10 September, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: DataWindow
Version: 2017 R2 Publishing: Public
Classification: Enhancement Priority: P3
Status: Transferring Reason:
Mark Lee 11 September, 2019
Hi Ferdinand,

Thanks for reporting this problem and for your valuable suggestion.
We'll record it as a new requirement/enhancement request.
We'll transfer it to our product team for consideration.

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach 10 September, 2019
Hi Ferdinand;

  That is a great enhancement suggestion!

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support/Engineering Team for their review and processing of this enhancement request.

Regards ... Chris
Ferdinand Fischer 10 September, 2019
Feature request:
 - make the profiler more detailed, so that internal actions of the datawindow are also profiled.

Currently the profiler only logs calls from powerscript.
That means if you have a datawindow, that takes a long time to redraw you only see that it takes long, but you dont know why.

I had a datawindow, which took a few hundred milliseconds for a rowfocus.
Of which pretty much all was behind a setredraw(true).

I ended up taking the datawindow apart until i found the problem.
In that case it was a combination of visible and size expressions.

Had seen in the profiler, what happens internally, in the redraw, it would have helped a lot.

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