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Bug 3175

Sourcefile-Encoding in ws_objects (GIT) 14 August, 2019

Tobias Roth
12 August, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerScript IDE
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Closed Priority: P3
Classification: Resolution: PROVIDED
Tobias Roth 14 August, 2019
Hello Cedric,

thanks for that information. You can close this ticket.

Regards, Tobi
cedric.pernet 12 August, 2019
Hello Tobias,
All of PowerBuilder source is encoded on Unicode(UTF-16LE) since PowerBuilder 10.

You can check this information on the documentation on the following link:
Tobias Roth 12 August, 2019
Which encoding does the IDE use to export the sr*-files into ws_objects?
We need to know that for our replace_tool. (moving images to subfolder structure.

Windows 10 
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SAP SQL Anywhere 
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