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Bug 3123

PbOrca TFS migrating from pb17 to pb19 15 August, 2019

Jan Hoppe
01 August, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Third Party Software
Version: 2019 Publishing: Public
Status: Closed Priority: P2
Classification: Issue Resolution: FIXED
Mark Lee 15 August, 2019
Hi Jan,

Thanks for the confirmation!
We will proceed to close this ticket.
You are welcome to open a new ticket if you have other issue.
Have a good day!

Mark Lee
Jan Hoppe 15 August, 2019
Ok to close
Mark Lee 15 August, 2019
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your update.
1. The problem is that the PBOrca.exe would create the PBL's that needed migration.
However, the PBOrca.exe is also not an Appeon product, we cannot do any support for it as well. 
Could you please also contact the PBOrca.exe Support about it?
2. We suggest your work it around via using the #2 suggestion from Chris.
3. If you can use the orcascr190.exe command/Orcascript api code to reproduce it and can also provide the test case for us. We can continue to help you deal with this issue.
If not, I’m sorry to let you know that we can't help you anymore. We would like to confirm with you if we can close this ticket. 
If you have other issues, you are welcome to open a new ticket.
Appreciate your understanding.

Mark Lee
Jan Hoppe 14 August, 2019
We were not able to fix the issue. 
The problem was migration.
TeamCity would import the various .sr* files and the .pbg files ok.
The PBOrca.exe would then create PBL's from these files - partly ok but the pbl's needed migration (worked fine for PB17.)
To fix that problem we created a TeamCity task that starts PowerBuilder19 - PB will then ask if we want to migrate, TeamCity then presses the ok button, and after PB is done migrating TeamCity will close down PB and start PowerGen up to create the .exe and .pbd files.

We did try to use the pborc190.dll according to the way described in , but that did not even generate all the pbl's.

If you would like to reproduce I guess we could send you the .sr* files and the .pbg files, but it is quite a large app approximately half a gigabyte - let me know if you find that interesting.
Mark Lee 14 August, 2019
Hi Jan,
Thanks for reporting this problem.
Were you able to resolve this issue?
If not, can you use the orcascr190.exe to generate a new PBL and see if it works?
(the default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon19\Shared\PowerBuilder\orcascr190.exe)
If your case are using the pborc190.dll api to generate the new PBL, kindly can you please provide a simple test case for us to reproduce it?
For the TeamCity issue, since TeamCity is not an Appeon product, we cannot do any support for it. Could you please also contact the TeamCity Support?

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach 02 August, 2019
Hi Jan;

  You would only use the 2010 edition of ORCA if you are still continuing to work with your older PB software. Once your application is migrated to PB2019, you would use the 2019 ORCA software included with the PB2019 installation.

  BTW: I am starting my vacation today. I have CC'ed in Cedric Pernet also from our support team to help you resolve with this problem.

Regards ... Chris
Jan Hoppe 02 August, 2019
Hi Chris, I have done just that but I still have the problem.

Is the pborca.exe from 2010 the one to use?
Chris Pollach 02 August, 2019
Hi Jan;

  Yes, you need to use the PB2019 IDE on your application *first* in order to migrate its source code to this release. Only *after* a successful migration would you then check-in your App's PB2019 source code to TeamCity. Once that is done, other developers should now be able to use ORCA and PowerGen on the newly checked-in source for their PB2019 development.

Regards ... Chris
Jan Hoppe 02 August, 2019
TeamCity.orc (0KB)

Hi Chris, we tried your suggestion #2 but unfortunately we have the same problem.
We execute the attached TeamCity.orc file, and looking closer at the file we see that it has a "build app MIGRATE" commandline and it does build the PBL's but it does NOT migrate them.

The pborca.exe is from 2010, can that be the problem, and if so how do we get a better file?

Brgds Jan Hoppe
Jan Hoppe 02 August, 2019
Thanks for the suggestions, will probably go for second suggestion.
Chris Pollach 01 August, 2019
Hi Jan;

  Yes, many object's source code would not be changed on a migration from 2017=>2019. Therefore your SCM would not see many changes. However, what I normally have done is to create an application "branch" in your SCM first and then work from there.

  As an alternative, I would like to recommend that you take a "Snapshot" of your PB2017 App into a new folder. Then migrate it to PB2019. If everything is OK after the migration, then check the PB2019 version of your App into your SCM as a new project (App version).

Regards ... Chris
Jan Hoppe 01 August, 2019
We have a setup where we use TeamCity and PbOrca to generate new PBL's every night from what is checked in in TFS, and then PowerGen to create new exe and  pbd's.

We migrated from PB17 to PB19 by checking out all objects, migrate and checking all objects in again. 
-got a lot of messages saying that there were no changes and the server therefor ignored the checkin.
but some objecte were changed and checked in.

Now after PbOrca has created the new PBL's and we open the Target in PB19, it tells us to migrate the application, and therefor PowerGen cannot create the exe.

What to do?

*Reproduce Steps:

Windows 7 
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server 
Database Version: