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Bug 3003

help incorrect - Tooltip.enabled listed as Yes/No but it is 0 / 1 11 July, 2019

mike S
08 July, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Documentation
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P4
Classification: Resolution:
mike S 11 July, 2019
quoted yes does NOT work.    quoted 1 DOES work.

quotes are needed if it is going to be an expression.  So, if yes really is supposed to work, then this is a bug.

You should also examples of the modify.
In any case, even if yes does work (sometimes), you should specify to use 1/0 in help because that is the way it is done in the datawindow painter!

The following will display the tooltip:
ls_mod += ' defa_category.tooltip.Enabled="1" defa_category.tooltip.Tip =  " '+ ls_tooltip_cat  + '"' 

ls_mod += ' defa_category.tooltip.Enabled=1 defa_category.tooltip.Tip =  " '+ ls_tooltip_cat  + '"' 

ls_mod += ' defa_category.tooltip.Enabled=yes defa_category.tooltip.Tip =  " '+ ls_tooltip_cat  + '"' 

the following does not display the tooltip.
	ls_mod += ' defa_category.tooltip.Enabled="yes" defa_category.tooltip.Tip =  " '+ ls_tooltip_cat  + '"'
Govinda Lopez 09 July, 2019
Tooltip test case
Govinda Lopez 09 July, 2019
Hi Mike,

I have tested on different versions of PowerBuilder and was not able to replicate your case. I've attached my test case. Please let me know if it doesn't work properly on your setup or if it's not like what you are doing. We need to pinpoint out the problem and replicate it in order to fix it if it is a bug.

mike S 08 July, 2019
Didn't work with modify and yes/no.  So I looked to see how dw actually stored it (1/0) tried that (1/0) and it worked.
Govinda Lopez 08 July, 2019
Hi Mike,

You can actually use 1 or 0 or 'Yes' or 'No': = 1 = 0

or = 'Yes' = 'No'

Please test it and let us know your results.

mike S 08 July, 2019
Current text in 2017R3:

(exp) Whether the tooltip is enabled. Values are:
Yes -- The tooltip is enabled.
No -- (Default) The tooltip is disabled.

the values are 0 and 1 not Yes / No

*Reproduce Steps:

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