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Bug 2851

Flatstyle for commandbutton 12 June, 2019

Geir Magne Vangen
12 June, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Controls & UI
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Transferring Priority: P3
Classification: Enhancement Resolution:
Ken Guo 12 June, 2019
Hi Geir,

Thanks for reporting this problem and for your valuable suggestion. 
We'll transfer this enhancement to our product team for consideration. 

Geir Magne Vangen 12 June, 2019
Setting the flatstyle property for a commandbutton control and specifying the TAB order for this object. When using the tab key to navigate in the window, it is not possible to see which command button is active. When turning off flatstyle, it is clear which button is the active one.
This makes the flatstyle property more or less useless. 
Are there any work around for this?
The same is the case for PB 12.6.

*Reproduce Steps:
Set up a window with a couple of commandbuttons, and specify tab order for these. Run this and use the tab key to navigate between the buttons.

Windows 7 
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