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Bug 2846

The columns's comments in the Database painter are not visible 26 August, 2019

Antonio Dorado
11 June, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerScript IDE
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Closed Priority: P3
Classification: Resolution: FIXED
Ken Guo 26 August, 2019
Hi Antonio,

OK. We will close this ticket! 
If you have any further question, please open a new ticket.

Antonio Dorado 26 August, 2019
Hi Ken, you can close the ticket.

Ken Guo 12 August, 2019
Hi Antonio,

Glad to hear that. Can we close this ticket?

Antonio Dorado 01 August, 2019
Hello, finally, I was able to re-install PB2017 and the problem has been fixed.

Now, the comments of the colums in the Database painter are already displayed. It has been tested with SQL anywhere 12 and Oracle 10.

Thank you very much for your help.

Regards ... Antonio
Antonio Dorado 27 June, 2019
Hi Chris and Ken, thanks for your responses.

As a developer I understand that it is very difficult to solve a problem that you can not reproduce.

When I have a little time I will follow your instructions and reinstall PB, even on another machine. I will inform you of the result.

Regards, Antonio
Ken Guo 25 June, 2019
Hi Antonio,

I can’t reproduce the issue on my side. 
I suggest that you reinstall PB or install PB on a different machine to verify if it works. 

Chris Pollach 25 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

  I still cannot reproduce your issue ... even testing with my O18C test DB. The comments always come back after a table refresh.

  I will now transfer this ticket over to the main Support/Engineering team to see if they can replicate your issue or even shed some more light on your "lack" of DB Comments situation.

  What would be nice is not having to refresh the table list in order to finally get the comments displayed in the "Object Layout" pane. Having the comments picked-up right away in that pane when a comment is entered would be a great enhancement.

Regards ... Chris
Antonio Dorado 25 June, 2019
Hi Chris,

Yes, we have checked it and we have the same parameters. We all use the same user connection to the development database.

Regards, Antonio.
Chris Pollach 24 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

   This sounds like it might be a DB permission issue. Have you checked your co-workers DB connection profile where the DB Painter table / column comments work OK, for their "PowerBuilder Catalog Table Owner" setting?

Regards ... Chris
Antonio Dorado 24 June, 2019
Hi Chris,

Yes, I did that. I imported all the BD connection profiles from PB 12.5 to PB 2017R3.

So I tried to create a new database connection profile but the error is not solved: the new comments are shown only until the tables are refreshed or reconnected to the database. However, the column "pbcatcol.pbc_cmnt" contains the comments created.

I have also verified that other teammates do not experience this error and the comments are displayed correctly.

Regards, Antonio
Chris Pollach 18 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

    Did you export the DB connection profiles from PB 12.5 and then import them into PB2017R3 Profile Painter?

Regards ... Chris
Antonio Dorado 18 June, 2019
Hi Chris, I already knew the tip but it does not solve the error.

I have done more tests with other database engines and PowerBuilder 2017 R3 1880.
- SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1: shows the comments.
- Oracle 10g: does not show comments.
- IBM Informix 11.5: does not show comments.

With same database profiles, in Powerbuilder 12.5.2 5609 comments are always displayed, so I don't know if I have something wrong configured in PowerBuilder 2017 R3.

Apart from describing the problem, what information do you need to reproduce it?
Chris Pollach 17 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

  We have not heard back from you for a while. Were you able to resolve this issue?

Regards ... Chris
Chris Pollach 11 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

  Tip: You do not need to disconnect / connect to see the new comments. Just use the RHMB on the "Tables" entry on the TreeView list and select the "Refresh" option.

Regards ... Chris
Antonio Dorado 11 June, 2019
DBPainter_issue3.png (61KB)

Comment modification.
Antonio Dorado 11 June, 2019
DBPainter_issue2.png (104KB)

Hi Chris, thanks for your response.

I have done the same quick test, now with PB Demo DB V2017R3. There is the pbcatcol table, and it contains the comments of the customer's table. The user is 'dba' and I have not modified his permissions.

Another test that I have done is to modify the comment of the column 'company_name' and it is shown, until we reconnect to the database.

Regards... Antonio
Chris Pollach 11 June, 2019
DB Painter Test by Chris
Chris Pollach 11 June, 2019
Hi Antonio;

  I just did a quick test with PB2017R3 using SQL Server 2017 and SQL Anywhere v17 and in both cases, the DB Painter was able to display both the Table & Column comments (see attached).

  I wonder if its an issue in your DBMS instances where the PB IDE user does not have the proper PBCATxxx table permissions or the PBCATxx tables are missing from the DB instance you are connected to?

  FYI: There have been no other reports of this type of problem (AFAIK) with PB2017 (released June 2016).

Regards ... Chris
Antonio Dorado 11 June, 2019
DBPainter_issue.png (13KB)

The comments of the columns in the Database painter are not visible even if the option "Show Comments" is enabled. 
In PowerBuilder 12.5.2 the comments are shown  (see the attached image).

It has been tested with a connection to Sybase SQL Anywhere and another to Oracle 10.
Windows 10 
Database Type:
SAP SQL Anywhere 
Database Version: