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Bug 2753

PB2017 application compiled in 32 bit crashes 11 July, 2019

Vinay Batra
24 May, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerScript
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Scheduling Priority: P1
Classification: Sybase (legacy) bug Resolution:
Ken Guo 11 July, 2019
Hi Vinary,

Thanks for providing this test case! Our developer is working on fixing this issue. We will update you here when there is any progress. 

Vinay Batra 09 July, 2019 (2790KB)

Hi Ken

Uploading a test case application in PB11.5. You start the application by running the exe file. 
Run File> New> Sheet 1
Run File> New> Sheet 2
No crash
Migrate the application to PB2017 
Repeat the same steps and it crashes after opening sheet 2
Ken Guo 08 July, 2019
Hi Vinay,

Thanks for your feedback.
Could you please provide a PB 11.5 test case for us (make sure the issue can be reproduced with this case after upgrading to PB 2017 R3)?
We would like to do comparative analysis.

Vinay Batra 08 July, 2019
Hi Ken

We are running PB 11.5 and do not experience this bug. We dont experience this bug even in PB2017 if we compile it in 64bit.
Ken Guo 07 July, 2019
Hi Vinay,

Our developers is analyzing this issue and we need to confirm with you whether the same code has the issue on previous PB version? For example, whether it has the issue on PB 12.6?

Vinay Batra 04 July, 2019
Do you know when I can have a fix for this? 
In absence of any solution we are forced to compile our application for 64bit. We have a lot of other 3rd party 32 bit DLLs for directory functions, SMTP, calendar OCX etc. Do we need to change all these programs to be able to function with 64bit executable or is there some other fix?
Ken Guo 17 June, 2019
Hi Vinay,

Thanks for reporting this problem! We reproduced it on our end and will do further research to figure it out. We will keep you posted about the progress.

Vinay Batra 24 May, 2019

The frame type I have used is MDIHelp and not MDIDock. I am not using Powerbuilder docking feature but another 3rd party object from novalys. It is working in 64 bit compilation but not in 32 bit.

Ken Guo 24 May, 2019
Hi Vinay,

Thanks for reporting this problem! We reproduced it on our end, it is a bug for MDI Dock.
MDI Dock is a new functionality in SAP PB 12.6 but we found that it still has some bugs and part of its development weren’t completed.  If you want to know the existing issues, please refer to the link below:

We still don’t have a plan to improve MDI Dock in Appeon PB 2017/2019 so we recommend you not to use MDI Dock. Otherwise, it would be difficult to resolve the issue you might encounter. Thanks for your understanding!

Following is the Appeon PB roadmap:

Vinay Batra 24 May, 2019 (4841KB)

*Phenomenon: Crashes while hovering over menu tool bar

*Reproduce Steps: Run the EXE. Open a new sheet 1 from the menu. Hover over menu the tool bar.

Remarks: It works when compiled as 64 bit application.
Windows 10 
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server 
Database Version: