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Bug 2120

IDE Login/Logout 10 January, 2019

Roland Smith
09 January, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: License
Version: 2019 Beta Publishing: Public
Status: Transferring Priority: P3
Classification: Enhancement Resolution:
Mark Lee 10 January, 2019
Hi Roland,

Thanks for reporting this problem and for your valuable suggestion. 
It should be a new requirement/enhancement request rather than a bug.
We'll transfer it to our product team for consideration. 

Mark Lee
Roland Smith 09 January, 2019
I have Auto Login & Auto Logout checked in my PB 2017 and PB 2018 IDE. Once the password is entered once, it is remembered which is great.

The problem in both 2017/2018 is that the login window appears for a second or two before going away. The auto-login process should happen in a totally non-visual way, not by opening the window and auto-clicking the OK button as it appears to be doing.
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