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Bug 2118

Incorrect documentation regarding Windows handles for Handle, Post & Send PowerScript functions 10 January, 2019

John Fauss
09 January, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Documentation
Version: 2019 Beta Publishing: Public
Status: Transferring Priority: P3
Classification: Enhancement Resolution:
Tom Jiang 10 January, 2019
Hi John,

Thanks for your suggestion! We will analyze the issue and update the documentation accordingly. 


Tom Jiang
John Fauss 09 January, 2019
Documentation of the Handle, Post & Send functions in PowerScript erroneously state that the datatype of Long are used for arguments or return values representing WIndows object handles, when in fact they are of Longptr datatype. The affected sections in the PowerScript Reference are: 10.286 (Handle function), 10.453 (Post function) & 10.565 (Send function). These errors have likely existed since the Longptr datatype was introduced.

Additionally, the description of the Longptr datatype in section 2.1 (Standard Datatypes) should include an explanation that Longptr variables should be used whenever Windows handles are used or referenced.

In section 3.4.1 (Datatypes for external function arguments) should explain that a Longptr is a 32-bit or 64-bit value depending on the bitness of the PB application. It would also be very helpful to mention that the memory allocated to a structure that contains Longptr members can differ depending on the application bitness and describe how and why this is so.
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