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Bug 211

Problems with upcasting in applications compiled as a single executable 02 December, 2018

Gerrit Bruns
17 July, 2017
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2017 Publishing: Public
Classification: Appeon bug Priority: P3
Status: Verifying Reason:
Mark Lee 02 December, 2018
Hi Gerrit,

For more details on this problem please refer to the help documentation at:

Mark Lee
Mark Lee 08 November, 2018
Specify Dynamic Library Options

Hi Gerrit,

Sorry for updating you after so long! We found that this is not a bug.

Please refer to the description on PB’s Application Wizard after you click next all the way to Specify Dynamic Library Options (see attached).
If you don’t tick deployed with pbd's or dll's, the objects that are not used in the application, will not be included in the exe file (refer to the previous screenshot).
As the objects are referenced dynamically in your PB code, the PB compiler don’t think they are referenced, thus not including the object code in the exe.
That’s why the exe fails to call any of those methods.  
On the other hand, if you have declared an object, such as n_cst_test_descendant, on a window, this resource will be included in the exe file (refer to the previous screenshot).
Since this is not a bug or failure, we will close this ticket.
If you have any further or new questions, please open a new ticket.
Thanks for your understanding.

Mark Lee
Mark Lee 07 November, 2018
diff generate exe file
Mark Lee 18 July, 2017
Hi Gerrit,
   Thanks for reporting this problem! 
We will escalate this problem to our development team for further analysis. 
we will need some time to figure it out, we will get back to you if any progress we would make.

Mark Lee
Armeen Mazda 17 July, 2017
Thanks for submitting this issue with a test case and clear instructions how to reproduce the issue.  We will proceed to reproduce and diagnose this issue, but in the meantime please use the workaround of deploying with PBD's or DLL's.  Thank you.
Gerrit Bruns 17 July, 2017 (163KB)

If an app is deployed as a single exe (pcode or machinecode), upcasting at standard classes, custom visuals and standard visuals won't work
There are no problems if the app is deployed with pbd's or dll's.

*Reproduce Steps:
In the genapp are several folders with executables inside.
There are two folders with examples deployed in pcode, one with pbd's, one without.
In the other two folders are executables compiled in machincode, also one with dll, one without.
The names of the Folders should be self explaining.
Start an executable. 
There are buttons on the window, some with additional describtion.
Hitting one of those buttons will lead to a crash of the app, if the single exe version is started.

All buttons work with the executables which are deployed with pbd or dll files.

Windows 8 
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