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Bug 2102

ExtractorObject: Extract different arcchive formats 14 June, 2019

René Ullrich
09 January, 2019
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Controls & UI
Version: 2019 Beta Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P3
Classification: Appeon bug Resolution:
René Ullrich 14 June, 2019
Hi Ken,

it seems that NOT all issues are fixed in the GA release.

CAB and ISO are not supported anymore. This is also a kind of fix ;-)

I still can't extract firebirdsql.rar, so this was NOT fixed!

Firing the processing file event for policy file in the TAR is now OK.

Extracting xml-site-style.tar.gz still produces a file named "[Content]". So this is NOT fixed!

Extracting of 7z file is now OK.

Help file is now OK.


Ken Guo 14 June, 2019
Hi René,

Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 GA is officially released and available for downloading. The issue in this ticket is fixed in this new release. You can get the installer from our portal using this link to verify if it resolves the issue on your side: 

Ken Guo 14 January, 2019
Hi Rene,

Thank you very much! I can reproduce it now.

René Ullrich 14 January, 2019
firebirdsql.rar (268KB)

Hi Ken,

here is the firebirdsql.rar
Ken Guo 14 January, 2019
Hi Rene,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I am handling it. Currently, I can reproduce the issue with gz, 7z, iso, tar.
But when I use rar format, I can’t reproduce the issue. Can you provide the firebirgsql.rar for us to analyze the issue?

For 'rar is gzip?, lzma* is tar?', it is a bug about help document, we will fix it.

Mark Lee 10 January, 2019
Hi René,

Thanks for report the problem. We'll work on it and get back to you soon.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Mark Lee
Chris Pollach 09 January, 2019
Thanks René for that test case App!
René Ullrich 09 January, 2019 (36KB)

Hi Chris,

here is an application for test a lot of features (but not all!) with Compressor and Extractor. For test with SharedObjects not all functionality is implemented yet.

Chris Pollach 09 January, 2019
Hi René;

   Thank you for this valuable feedback. By chance, can you attach a test PB app to this ticket?

Regards ... Chris
René Ullrich 09 January, 2019
I see in the documentation that Extract method of ExtractorObject can handle more formats that CompressorObject.

I tried some file formats:
ISO file (tested with a microsoft .NET iso file)
It is only extracted a readme file that contains following text:
"This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system
that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification."
Is this a bug or expected behavior?
(I can open the file with application 7-Zip)

RAR file (tested with firebirgsql.rar from 2003)
I get error -3 - The operation is not supported for the source file format.
(I can open the file with application 7-Zip)
Here is also a mistake in help file: "ArchiveFormatRAR! : gzip file."

TAR file (tested with sockets.tar from jdk)
Worked. But there is a file named "policy" in the tar. It was extracted but the processing file event was not triggered for this file.

GZ file (tested with xml-site-style.tar.gz from xalan-j xdocs)
Result should be a file named xml-site-style.tar (133120 Byte). But I get a file named "[Content]" with 23208 Byte (= compressed size of the tar)
(I can open the file with application 7-Zip)

7z file (I generated with 7-Zip):
I get error -10 - "Unknown file format."

Please review also the explanations for file formats in the help file (rar is gzip?, lzma* is tar?)

CAB file format worked in test.
Windows 7 
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