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Bug 1839

SVN Failed to perform the specified operation. 27 November, 2018

Walter Ruaro
06 November, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: Other
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P3
Classification: Resolution:
Tom Jiang 27 November, 2018

Our developer has checked the product code several times and confirms that the only possible cause is due to some restriction in your environment. You can also see in the previous attachment that we can connect fine with VisualSVN in our test.

It might also due to some domain policy that you can't disable on your client machine. You may try not to log into the domain for a test. If you still can't find a solution and you are open to other options, then you may try other alternative like Git.


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang 27 November, 2018
Walter Ruaro 26 November, 2018
SVN documentarion BUG 1839_2.pdf (397KB)


I attached screens where you can see that we have disabled firewall and antivirus.

Do you think we can try something else?

We dismiss the use of SVN?

best regards
Tom Jiang 22 November, 2018

The svnclienttool is just a test app we developed using the same underneath library to verify whether the library works in your environment. PowerBuilder calls the same library to make the connection. The different results indicate that some kind of security mechanism is blocking the connection initiated from PowerBuilder. 

In other words, it seems the blocking is not based on the protocol, IP and port but on which app is attempting to make the connection. 


Tom Jiang
Walter Ruaro 22 November, 2018
Dear Tom

If it is a firewall problem or similar, the svnclienttool software would not have connected.

The question would be, because svnclienttool connects to the SVNServer and not PowerBuilder?

Thank you
Tom Jiang 21 November, 2018

Our developer has verified the code in our product and there is nothing in the code that could cause the issue. 

We suspect that some of your security settings (firewall, etc.) block the connection to the server from PowerBuilder. Please help to check the associated log and add PowerBuilder to the whitelist of the associated security programs and see if it resolves the issue.

BTW, it appears the computer logged into your domain is having this problem. So you may check if any of your domain policy is blocking the connection from PowerBuilder. 


Tom Jiang
Walter Ruaro 21 November, 2018
Good morning.
Have you seen the evidence that we have attached?
Walter Ruaro 13 November, 2018
SVN documentarion BUG 1839.pdf (1027KB)

Attached details of tests performed.

With the svnclienttool it connects perfectly.

Tom Jiang 13 November, 2018

Please unzip the attachment in the previous comment and put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\Shared\PowerBuilder. Then please enter you SVN url and account to test and send us the results.Thanks!


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang 13 November, 2018
SVN Test Tool
Walter Ruaro 09 November, 2018

The 3 PCs have the same windows version, and same hardware. They are totally identical equipment from our development area. It may differ in installed software tools for no more than that.

Anyway we will test on other PCs.
Tom Jiang 09 November, 2018

We are planning to write a small test case to verify on your machine and see if it can identify the cause of the issue. In the meantime, we hope you can verify the environment differences between you teams and see if you can figure out the cause. 


Tom Jiang
Walter Ruaro 08 November, 2018

The SVN server is in the same network, and without proxy in the middle.

We have tested in three different teams, only in one we manage to make it work.
Tom Jiang 08 November, 2018

Do you need to go through a proxy to access your SVN server?

If using the proxy server, configure the proxy server IP address and port number in the PB.ini file (by default, the INI file is located in C:\Users\<username>\appdata\local\appeon\powerbuilder 17.0\ in Windows 7 or later). Copy the following section to the INI file and set the appropriate value for the proxy server: 



Tom Jiang
Walter Ruaro 07 November, 2018
Error PowerBuilder.pdf (550KB)

Attachment file with error detail
Walter Ruaro 07 November, 2018

We have tried as administrator and the subsite error

TortoiseSVN works correctly

See attached document with the images that show what I tell you.

Best regards
Tom Jiang 07 November, 2018

This issue seems to be related to your network or permission. Please verify your server firewall settings and see if it blocks access from the client machine. 

Please also try starting PB using Run as administrator and see if it makes any difference. 

Additionally, please install TortoiseSVN on your client machine and see if you can checkout the repository to your client machine. 


Tom Jiang
Walter Ruaro 06 November, 2018
2018-11-06 at 13.12.28.jpeg (75KB)

good morning

We have acquired PowerBuilder 2017 R3 and as a first step we are trying to integrate with SVN.

From the central server, we have been able to build our repository and connect without problems with PowerBuilder.

But from the client machines we can not do it.

The error message is:

"Failed to perform the specified operation. Please make sure you can connect to the server repository"

It is also clear that from the browser and the TortoiseSVN Project Monitor we can connect without problems.

I would appreciate your help

thank you
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