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Bug 1817

59/5000 PowerBuilder 2017 IDE does not start. It closes before the Login 07 November, 2018

31 October, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerScript IDE
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P1
Classification: Resolution:
MARCELO MALVICINI 07 November, 2018
Thanks Ken.
This information is very useful

Ken Guo 07 November, 2018
Hi Marcelo,

If do not want to open the last workspace upon launching PB 2017 please set the following values to 0 in %localappdata%\Appeon\PowerBuilder 17.0\pb.ini and then try again:

MARCELO MALVICINI 06 November, 2018
Hi Chris.
The AV that I use is Esset Nod32.
But, after continuing to study the topic in more depth, I find that the original problem that causes the failure in PowerBuilder, is the broken application.
Unfortunately in this version of PowerBuilder 2017, by default it is marked that always open the last WorkSpace. This one was broken (and since the Login window never appeared, I took the inconvenience by PB and not by the application); the reinstallation only served to initialize the automatic load values of the last WorkSpace.
Thank you for your interest, but I can not blame the A.V., but to an oversight on my part; In spite of knowing that this type of inconvenience happens and it is always advisable not to use this configuration at the beginning of PB.
Thank you

Chris Pollach 01 November, 2018
Hi Marcello;
  Just out of curiosity ... what AV were you using?

Thanks ... Chris
MARCELO MALVICINI 31 October, 2018
Hello, thanks for the prompt response.
I have been able to solve the problem thanks to the help of our representative Appeon (Dora Sistemas). The steps followed were the following:
1- Complete uninstallation of PB and PServer.
2- Restart Windows and disable the antivirus.
3- Disable the Windows touch option (despite not being a touch PC) with the command "NET STOP TabletInputService"
4- Reinstall PowerBuilder again to run as administrator.
With these steps it worked again without problems.
Thanks for your attention.
Best regards.

Problem solved
Govinda Lopez 31 October, 2018
Hi Marcelo,

I will logoff their user to see if this can help you. This is not a common issue, but we can try to overcome it by making sure all prerequisites have been installed (Visual C++ Redistributable, .Net Framework 4.x, etc...)

Please do let us know if any of this fixed your issue and do provide us the user name.

MARCELO MALVICINI 31 October, 2018
PBerror.mp4 (2160KB)

Suddenly, without apparent Windows update, the PowerBuilder 2017 IDE on a PC does not start. It is configured to perform auto-login, but the Login window, although it is automatic, usually appears while the user verifies. This does not happen, as seen in the accompanying video.
I have disabled the Antivirus and even reinstalled the PowerBuilder; It also does not work.
The following appears in the event viewer:
Aplication: PB170.EXE, version
Module with errors: MSVCR100.dll, version 10.0.40219.325
Exception code: 0xc0000005

I've already reinstalled Visual Studio 2010 Distribution Package SP1

Is there anything you can do before formatting the PC? Can I change some parameter in the registry so that the user asks again, to see if this is solved?
Thank you.
Windows 10 
Database Type:
Microsoft SQL Server 
Database Version: