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Bug 1727

Error deploy Server Romote 10 October, 2018

Product: PowerBuilder Category: Installation
Version: 2017 R3 Publishing: Public
Status: Verifying Priority: P3
Classification: Resolution:
Zhao Kai 10 October, 2018
Hi Luis,

Please setup the FTP server's firewall support for FTP PASSIVE MODE.  

The primary part that was required was entering the external IP address of the server in this component BOTH in the server FTP setup, as well as the DEFAULT WEB SITE setup.  These are both directly setup in the IIS setup portion.   Also, windows firewall itself must have FTP passive mode ports open.

This ftp firewall setup requirement may be specific to windows 2016.

And please refer to the article below to check the FTP settings.

You can also work around this issue by packaging a server deployment project, then copying the package file to the target server to install it.

Luis Alonso Mendoza Flamenco 10 October, 2018
dos.png (50KB)

I'm doing the deploy in the cloud and I get that error, in fact when I check my server in the cloud, I only create the directories and do not copy the files, and review the rights of FTP users and it's fine, I try to upload manually via mput and write correctly the file, which I need to configure to pass the files to the remote server, thank you in advance for your answer, and look in the site of appeon and does not say anything of this, in fact I feel that the tutorials and demos that put most do with deploy local server has not remote, which is a little out of reality because only for testing is used the local, and I can not find if there is another way to do it as I did creating war or ear in other platforms
Windows Server 2008 R2 
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Microsoft SQL Server 
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