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Bug 1487

Copy Paste of structures doesn't activate the Save button 06 December, 2018

Roland Smith
31 July, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: IDE
Version: 2017 R2 Publishing: Public
Status: Scheduling Priority: P4
Classification: Sybase (legacy) bug Resolution:
Ken Guo 01 August, 2018
Hi Roland,

Thanks for reporting this problem. 
We'll transfer this enhancement to our product team for consideration. 

Chris Pollach 31 July, 2018
Hi Roland;

   Yes, you are quite correct. This feature works but the Save icon on the IDE toolbar does not enable. I can replicate this problem in PB2017R2/R3.

   I will pass this along to the Support/Engineering teams to add to their ToDo list.

Regards ... Chris
Roland Smith 31 July, 2018

This is a long standing bug. If you have two objects open and right click on the name of an object structure and choose copy and then switch to another object and right click the structure list and choose paste, the structure is copied in correctly but the object Save button does not activate. This forces you to make a minor change and reverse it to activate the Save button.
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