Bug 1328

HTTP Performance is slow 28 April, 2021

Yuri Denshchik
14 June, 2018
Product: PowerBuilder Category: PowerScript
Version: 2017 R2 Build:
Classification: Issue Publishing: Public
Priority: P3
Status: Closed Reason: NO RESPONSE
Tom Jiang @Appeon 28 April, 2021
We've made multiple attempts to contact you to determine if this ticket has been solved, but unfortunately we did not get any response and we proceed to close it. 

If you consider this issue is still not resolved, please contact us.


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 17 March, 2021
We have been trying to keep in touch with you to find out about the resolution of this issue. We would like to continue with our support but without more information, we are in the need to close it according to our internal help support policy but please remember you can always open a new ticket.   

Thanks for you feedback and have a nice day!


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 23 November, 2020
I'm just touching base with you about this ticket. Please let us know if you still need help with this issue or if it is possible to close this ticket.

Thanks for you feedback and have a nice day!


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 03 November, 2020
Hi Yuri,

I would like to check with you if the response provided has been helpful enough to resolve your case. If so, can we proceed to close the ticket?
Otherwise, do let us know if we can provide you with any further assistance and keep in mind that you are always welcome to open another ticket in case you need it.


Tom Jiang
Tom Jiang @Appeon 22 June, 2018
Hi Yuri,

The last place we can think of is the SecureProtocol of the HttpClient object. By default it tries from highest version to lowest. It switches the version after the previous times out. If you re-use the object, it will remember the last successful option. Please verify if this is the cause of your issue.

BTW, we suggest that you use a network protocol analyzer like Wireshark (https://www.wireshark.org) to analyze and identify what might be the cause of the delay. 


Tom Jiang
Yuri Denshchik 21 June, 2018
We don't use proxy
Tom Jiang @Appeon 21 June, 2018
Hi Yuri,

Thanks for your information. The issue must have something to do with your local network setup. I checked with our developer and found that it could be that you have used proxy settings on your IE browser. The HttpClient object uses the proxy settings on your IE when there is proxy settings. 

Please verify if you have proxy settings on your IE browser and disable the proxy or set it up to by pass your api address.


Tom Jiang
Yuri Denshchik 20 June, 2018
tracert and ping commands with domain execute in less than 1ms
Yuri Denshchik 20 June, 2018
I tried #1 and #2. I also tried to stop Windows Defender. No luck
It is slow when I use domain in URL. There are no issue when using IP address.
Tom Jiang @Appeon 20 June, 2018
Hi Yuri,

#1. When you right click on the exe file, you will see these two options:
1) Run as administartor
2) Troubleshoot compatibility
Please try these two options and see if you get any differnt results.

#2. You mentioned that it works fine when Telerik Fiddler is running or the app is run in a virtual machine. Please try to temporarily turn off the Windows Firewall or any other security applications and see if you get any differnt results.


Tom Jiang
Yuri Denshchik 19 June, 2018
The can't provide test case, all requests are internal. Can you suggest how can we can trace/debug the request to identify the problem?  We can also have a Webex session if that helps
Tom Jiang @Appeon 19 June, 2018
Hi Yuri,

We still can't reproduce the issue. Can you provide a reproduciable sample case for us to further analyze the issue?


Tom Jiang
Yuri Denshchik 15 June, 2018
Yes, we are on 1769
Tom Jiang @Appeon 15 June, 2018

Hi Yuri,

We can't reproduce the extreme slowness you described. Our test on both Windows 7 and 10 take about 2 seconds againest https://demo.appeon.com/PB/webapi_client/employee/102.

Please confirm if you are using the latest PowerBuilder build 1769?

Nonetheless, our development team has made some improvement to the HttpClient code. Please verify with the attached file. Please put them in the Shared folder in PowerBuilder install folder and replace the old files. Please back up your old file before replacing them.


Tom Jiang
Govinda Lopez @Appeon 14 June, 2018
Hi Yuri,

I see we have been working on ticket 1180. I will transfer it to our Engineering team for further analysis. We will keep you posted of the results here.

Yuri Denshchik 14 June, 2018
Some of our developers experience slow performance of HTTP requests when calling HttpClient.SendRequest() for GET and POST. 
Similar to case#1180 but for HTTP protocol.

We observe interesting  behavior: When Telerik Fiddler tool which monitors the HTTP network is on, the requests go very fast. Without the Fiddler the performance significantly slows down. 

There are no performance issues when sending the same request through the Web Browsers with clean cache.

Please advice
Windows 7
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