Appeon announced on July 5, 2016 that it entered into an agreement with SAP to develop a new generation of the PowerBuilder development platform. Below are some answers to some common questions about the new generation of PowerBuilder.  The official press release is available to view here.

The PowerBuilder IDE may be installed to 64-bit Windows OS but will run as a 32-bit process.

Desktop apps can be compiled to run as native 64-bit apps on Windows OS; however, if your app uses any third-party DLLs you will need to provide 64-bit versions of those DLLs in order to run successfully as a native 64-bit app.

Mobile Cloud Apps can be compiled to run as native 64-bit apps on iOS; however, on Android currently only 32-bit apps are supported.

The PowerBuilder Cloud App server runtime, which powers Mobile Cloud Apps and server-side .NET projects, can run as a native 64-bit process utilizing the 64-bit version of the .NET framework.

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 Android Compatibility Android 6 Android 6, 5, 4
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