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PowerServer is licensed as an add-on to the PowerBuilder Universal Edition.  It expands its cloud deployment targets to .NET web apps, Java web apps, and Java mobile apps.  It is offered as a perpetual license that is priced per server or user sessions depending on the usage type.  Maintenance is included for the first year and optional in subsequent years (but highly recommended).

Prices below are for perpetual licenses

(All pricing is in US dollars and excludes any taxes)

Production Usage


A standalone production server that supports 50 – 500 user sessions.
$114 – $78

/user session* 


A clustered production server that supports 150+ user sessions.
$156 - $30

/user session* 

* User Session: A user session is a unit of usage of the PowerServer for licensing purposes.  A user session is defined as a web session or a mobile device utilizing PowerServer.  

  • A web session is a unique user currently logged into a single Web application. A single user simultaneously logged into two Web applications would consume two user sessions.  
  • A mobile device is a unique tablet or smartphone that has PowerServer mobile app currently installed and connects to a PowerServer.  

Testing Usage


A standalone testing server that supports 5 user sessions.



A standalone testing server that supports 50 user sessions.



A clustered testing server that supports 300 user sessions.


To ensure prompt and efficient processing of your order, please complete all required fields in the order form and return the signed order form together with your PO (if applicable) to  Our sales department will process your order within 1 business day or contact you if any additional information is required.