RapidSharp Subscription

The RapidSharp subscription provides a complete suite of products to automatically convert existing PowerBuilder business logic to standard C# with open & standard cloud architecture. It substantially reduces time and cost compared to a full rewrite.

Why Migrate with RapidSharp?

Highly Automated

Automatically migrates 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic to C#, including non-visual PowerScript, non-visual system functions, embedded SQL, DataWindows, NVOs and EAServer NVOs.


Performs the C# migration by yourself using the provided conversion tools and open-source C# libraries, eliminating the expense and risk of third parties to perform services.

Standard & Open

The generated C# code and its open-source C# libraries adhere to .NET standards and open design principles. It works with any UI technology and can be maintained in any C# IDE.

Cloud Apps Architecture

Migrate to the Cloud with RapidSharp

What’s Included

in RapidSharp


An IDE for rapidly developing C# REST APIs and libraries, powered by Roslyn and the .NET framework.

.NET DataStore

A pure C# implementation of DataWindow technology other commonly-used PowerBuilder features, powered by SnapObjects ORM and the .NET framework.

PowerScript Migrator

A code converter to rapidly port PowerBuilder business logic to C#, powered by SnapDevelop.

Standard Support

Free upgrade to the latest version during the subscription period.

Too Busy to Migrate by Yourself?

Talk to an Appeon migration expert if you have any technical questions or are shorthanded to perform the migration.