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Keynote: Growing the Developer Base with PowerBuilder 2018

Armeen Mazda, Appeon CEO, explains how PowerBuilder 2018 simplifies C# cloud app development, how Appeon will attract new C# developers, Appeon's plans to open-source its C# framework, and what key new features are scheduled to release by year end.

Keynote: PowerBuilder's Cloud Direction

John Qi, Appeon CTO, outlines the technical plan to put PowerBuilder ahead of the curve, which includes how to develop "cloud native" apps based on microservice and serverless architecture, the true benefits of this architecture, and how PowerBuilder will add value.

Demo: UI Theme & C# Development in PowerBuilder 2018

Govinda Lopez, Appeon Tech Guru, demo’ed three major features of PowerBuilder 2018: (1) customizable themes for codeless UI enhancement, (2) rapid C# development with the new C# DataStore and cloud targets, and (3) C# “porting” utilities for low-risk transformation of your business logic.

Expanding PowerBuilder App Functionality with JavaScript Components

Yuri Denshchik shows you how to incorporate JavaScript components in PowerBuilder, making a new world of functionality available to your PowerBuilder apps. You will learn about an overview of the approach; applying the approach to a JavaScript rich text editor; applying the approach to a JavaScript file comparison tool.


This was the second time that Appeon had hosted a PowerBuilder user conference on their own, and once again I thought it went extremely well, even better than the prior year. As with the prior year, attendance was good and quite diverse... - by Bruce Armstrong

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Meet Our Presenters

Photo of Armeen Mazda

Armeen Mazda

Appeon CEO

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Armeen Mazda is the co-founder and CEO of Appeon. Prior to becoming CEO, Armeen served various other roles in Appeon, including Product Management, Business Development, and Operations. Prior to co-founding Appeon, Armeen was co-founder of NetUpSide, a Silicon Valley-based incubator of high-tech startups. Armeen is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, and holds 5 U.S. patents in the area of Web application technologies.

Photo of John Qi

John Qi

Appeon CTO

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John Qi is the co-founder and CTO of Appeon, driving the technology strategy and design for Appeon products and overseeing product engineering. John has contributed major innovations, from creating the first Web DataWindow that faithfully replicated most PowerBuilder features to pioneering a C# ORM that requires even less coding than PowerBuilder. Prior to joining Appeon, John served as Project Manager for a subsidiary of China Merchant’s Group, leading large ERP projects and serving large clients in China, including the port of Shenzhen and Hitachi’s elevator division.

Photo of Chris Pollach

Chris Pollach

Appeon Developer Relations

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Mr. Pollach joined Appeon in 2016 in the capacity as Director, Developer Relations. He is responsible for developer liaison, PowerBuilder courses, technical presentations and support. Mr. Pollach is a former Technical Solutions Architect and DEVOPS specialist with over 30 years experience in Systems Software Analysis, Development, Maintenance and Technical Support IT areas. Mainly in the areas of GUI Design, MS-Windows Programming, Wireless, Application / Web Server Design, Object Oriented Development Tools, Methodologies, Database and Network application development. He has participated in numerous technical, planning and management roles, as well as consulted and educated in these fields for a diverse clientele.

Photo of Julie Jiang

Julie Jiang

Appeon Product Manager

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Julie Jiang is the Product Manager of Appeon, driving the product roadmap, feature definitions, and release management. Julie joined Appeon in 2002 and worked closely with Sybase to create the first documentation for PowerServer. Julie’s past work experience includes technical support manager at TUV Rheinland and system analyst at Accela Automation. Julie is a graduate of the University of Science and Technology in China, and holds degrees in both Computer Science and Arts.

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