San Francisco, California – July 10, 2020 – Appeon, a provider of software for accelerating the development of cloud-based business apps, today announced the general availability of RapidSharp.

RapidSharp is a suite of tools and C# libraries for automating the migration PowerBuilder projects to C# for the cross-OS .NET Core framework. It offers the first-ever PowerScript-to-C# code converter that automatically ports 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic and DataWindows to C#. The generated code can be automatically scaffolded into C# REST APIs, which can be consumed with any UI technology. It significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk of changing programming languages from PowerScript to C#.

 Key Features

RapidSharp includes the following key features:

  • .NET DataStore – The .NET DataStore is based on an open and model-oriented design. It is driven by a C# POCO model and inherits from the .NET IList. As such, your project can readily integrate with other .NET libraries and can be easily maintained in any C# IDE.
  • DataWindow Converter – It generates C# POCO models from existing DataWindows, Child DataWindows, DataStores, as well as XML import/export templates.
  • PowerScript Migrator – A code converter that automatically ports 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic (non-visual PowerScript and embedded SQLs) to C#.
  • Scaffolding Templates – Prebuilt templates and rules automatically build out your C# controllers and services based on C# POCO models. These templates follow a repository design pattern and support typical CRUD functionality over REST APIs. It also supports adding customized templates and rules.
  • Web API Tester – A visual Web API Tester that allows developers to easily inspect, test, and debug C# REST APIs without spending the time and effort to create a client app or build JSON by hand.

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How Do I Get Started?

RapidSharp is now generally available for evaluation. Trial versions of the product are fully functional for a period of 30 days.

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