RapidSharp Subscription

The RapidSharp subscription provides a complete suite of products to automatically convert existing PowerBuilder business logic to standard C# with open & standard cloud architecture. It substantially reduces time and cost compared to a full rewrite.

Why Migrate with RapidSharp?

Highly Automated

Automatically migrates 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic to C#, including non-visual PowerScript, non-visual system functions, embedded SQL, DataWindows, NVOs and EAServer NVOs.

Port, Not Rewrite

Faithfully replicates your PowerBuilder business logic in C# so that a deep understanding of the original source code is not required for a successful migration.

Product, Not Service

Performs the C# migration by yourself using the provided conversion tools and open-source C# libraries, eliminating the expense and risk of third parties to perform services.

Zero Dependency

RapidSharp generates pure C# code and includes the source code of all the C# libraries. As such, there is zero dependency on any particular vendor or tool to maintain the migrated application.

Migration to C# with RapidSharp

RapidSharp ports PowerBuilder business logic to C#, which is the most valuable and complex layer in PowerBuilder applications. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for automatically converting PowerBuilder to C#, automatically creating REST APIs, rapidly testing and debugging of REST APIs, and rapidly publishing your project.

Migration to C# with RapidSharp

What’s Included

in RapidSharp


A C# IDE, powered by Roslyn and the .NET framework, includes a powerful project scaffolding engine and visual REST API tester, for rapid development of REST APIs.

.NET DataStore

An open-source C# implementation of DataWindow technology, powered by SnapObjects ORM and the .NET Core, supporting most non-visual DataWindow features.

DataWindow Converter

A code converter that instantly converts DataWindows objects to standard C# POCO models, which can be maintained in any C# IDE.

PowerScript Migrator

A code converter that rapidly ports 80-95% of PowerBuilder business logic to C#. The generated source code is 100% managed code and can be maintained in any C# IDE.

Open-Source License

The C# source code of the .NET DataStore libraries is included with your purchase. The license is perpetual and commercial so that you are free of typical open-source license restrictions.

Standard Support

Free upgrade to the latest version of all included products and technical support during the subscription period.

Too Busy to Migrate by Yourself?

Talk to an Appeon migration expert if you have any technical questions or are shorthanded to perform the migration.